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I make all of the gifs on this blog,
do not repost my gifs.

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1v1feigt said:
Any good Girl-Masturbation hentai?

Unfortunately, I have no idea. That is the hardest thing for me to find in hentai. 

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Anonymous said:
Can u name the best big boob play hemtai

Maybe Oppai Life just cause they have big boobs and boobs is in the title.. Haha!

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Anonymous said:
do yo know any good hentai movies to watch with your lover?

Good question! Hm, I guess it depends on what you are in the mood for, honestly. But if I had to throw a name out there, Chichi Iro Toiki is good and new. 

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Anonymous said:
What is the anime name that has chichi iro toiki tag

…. That is it’s name…..

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