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I make all of the gifs on this blog,
do not repost my gifs.

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Anonymous said:
What different types of hentai are there? like in one of your recent asks that you said you make "reg" hentai gifs? sorry if this is confusing, I just wanted to know the different types of hentai! x

What I meant by that is, this is a “hentai” blog, meaning I download guy x girl hentai videos. Hentai literally means things of a perverted nature, so it technically doesn’t mean “guy x girl” porn, but an old anon requested for yuri, which is girl x girl, and I told them that if the hentai I downloaded happened to have yuri in it, like as a side story because sometimes guy x girl hentai does have that, I would gif it, but I don’t specifically go out and download yuri hentai. Or yaoi, boy x boy, for that matter.

I love yuri and yaoi, but this blog is mainly for the mainstream guy x girl hentai. Hopefully that makes sense. ^^;

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