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Anonymous said:
Do you know any good hentai videos with cheating involved?

I personally love Netorare Zuma. 

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Anonymous said:
How does one watch hentai? Do you go to porn sites and use their content? Or is there a all magical realm of a website where one can view entire seasons of hentai? I would appreciate feedback when possible. I don't know a site to watch just hentai. Please and thank you.

On my FAQ, I list a few websites. I think the most reliable is hentaischool, but honestly I couldn’t tell you since I download all of the hentai you see on this blog. I don’t need subtitles for the most part, I have a good grasp on most of the Japanese used, so I just look up the hentai and find the raw torrent. 

I would say google is your best answer, dear anon!

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Anonymous said:
A cute hentai? I mean not rapes or something like that, a cute story ñ.ñ Like your blog ^_^ the best

A cute story? Mm, that is hard since most hentai I watch has like one guy x harem. I wish there were more cute stories, dear anon. Possibly my followers have suggestions?

And thank you so much! :]

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