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I make all of the gifs on this blog,
do not repost my gifs.

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To the anon that requested toradora hentai I posted some I found.

Anon, if you wanna go see Toradora hentai please go to this blog!

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Anonymous said:
Request: Aisaka Taiga - Toradora

Isn’t Toradora a regular anime? I only do hentai gifs. Sorry about that, anon!

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Anonymous said:
What's ecchi?

Ecchi in Japanese is slang for things that are naughty or erotic but it does not mean “perverted” like hentai does.

So in media, when things are labelled “ecchi” usually they mean it is softer than hentai. There is no hardcore sex act in the show, but there may be boobs or girls scantily dressed, almost nude, or just playful acts that allude to sex.

So basically, they will not explicitly show you a vagina or penis nor will they show the actual sex act. They just kind of suggest it. 

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Anonymous said:
Any hentai with romance

None come to mind, anon. Usually the “romantic” ones are between brother and sister and that’s a little strange for me. Most hentai are basically harems. 

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